Altec  Speakers Model 416-8B,  Bass Stereo Cabinets

bullet Altec Model 511 B Horns /Altec Model 802-8D Drivers
bulletAltec Model N501-8A Passive  Crossovers

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bulletSomeone with great woodworking ability built these very tough, great sounding, bass cabinets and installed a set of Altec Model 416-8B speakers. SN. 07757, 02416.
bullet These speakers had been reconed in 1992 by Orange County Speakers in California. (I have used them to recone for me and they are experts.)
bulletThe cabinets are massive. They have easy rolling casters and very well designed. This is strictly for audiophiles.

         Each Cabinet with Altec Speaker  $420

                                    buy  the set for $ 780

bulletI have them powered by a McIntosh MC 2100 amp. ($825)Sorry, the McIntosh is sold!!!
bulletThe Altec Horns and drivers can be bought separately as a set. The horns are Altec Model 511B, SN 59907, 59906. Each horn is powered by an Altec driver Model 802-8D
bulletSN 13139 and 13152.

Each Altec horn with Altec driver is$ 550

 buy the set for $900

bulletThere are also 2 Altec crossovers Model N501-8A     
bullet SN. 29399, 29381.

 $95 each. Both for $170

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