Silvertone  catalog #20, 8 tube AM/FM table radio

Sears Silvertone model 20 (Chassis 132.877) AM/FM table radio

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Silvertone model 20, rear view

bulletI replaced all electrolytic capacitors and 2 of 8 tubes. All tubes were tested and rate better than new minimums.
bulletI did a complete alignment of the AM and FM circuitry. AM IF was set at 455kc and the FM was set at 10.7Mc. The RF and antenna circuits were fine tuned as per "Rider" alignment procedures.
bulletThe cabinet and grill cloth remain untouched except that I glued the hairline stress crack which is still visible on the front middle, just below the left, lower corner of the plastic dial cover. There are also several scratches on the finish. I consider this normal wear.
bulletThis radio has a lot of gain and sounds great.
bulletchassis # 132.877 Built in c. 1951
bulletThis radio is rare. It has an exceptionally soothing sound.
bulletYou will love listening to this radio for many years.

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