Motorola 66X, 6 tube, plastic, AM table radio

Circa 1947 Motorola 66X, 6 tube, table AM Radio, c 1947

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This beautiful 6 tube AM radio is a year older than I. It is, however, almost perfect.


I replaced the main power capacitors and aligned the IF @ 455 KHZ,  the RF and antenna.


It has twin speakers and sounds great. Because the first of six tubes is an RF preamp it pulls in weak signals very well.


If you worked for Motorola or Galvin you will appreciate owning this impeccable radio.


It has a phono/rca input jack in the back so you can even put a CD player or phonograph into it. Of course it will not be stereo.


The radio is as pretty to look at as it is pleasing to the ear. SN.0038067

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Grand Canyon Tube Radio

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