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Lu is clearing out his special order guitars that he has held for years in his secret, humidified vault. These acoustic and electric guitars represent some of the finest in collectible instruments. They each have a distinctive sound for the serious musician.  All come with case. These are NOT used or seconds. These guitars are being sold for the first time with factory warranty.
(NOTE: Please don't call or write asking for any kind of discount or other special price breaks on these guitars. We carry a full-line of lower priced guitars that are great for learning or general use.)

To purchase call Lu @(928)635-9271 (Arizona)

We accept most major credit cards.

Heritage #150 limited.

Heritage "Les PaulŪ" style #150 limited.

Beautiful Heritage black guitar with see-thru finish. This Les PaulŪ-style guitar was manufactured in the original Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, Mi.
$2300.00 + shipping.

Sorry, Sold !!!




Heritage H150 CM

Heritage H150 CM

The "Les PaulŪ"-style H150 CM sunburst from Heritage.
$1625.00 + shipping.

To purchase call Lu @(928)635-9271 (Arizona)

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We accept most major credit cards

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Heritage H5 35

Heritage H5 35.

This special Heritage H5 25 Cherry see-thru is too beautiful to photograph well. Include gold-plated hardware and vary-phase pick-ups.
$2135.00 + shipping.

Sorry, Sold

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